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Album of the Week  |  Aftermath (Amy Lee feat. Dave Eggar)

A week after the release of this album, I have to say I am very pleased with the work Amy and Dave did. 

It is clearly a departure from the sound that characterized the band and her identity as a solo artist. I think this is just a small sample of her freedom as an artist without the pressure of a label upon her. I rejoice because she was brave enough to show another side and try new things, even though the “demanding” fans she have and who just want the heavy sound of Ev. 

I’m very excited about what might come in the future from Amy and I will be here to support her either as a solo artist or with the band. 

Favorite song with vocals: Lockdown
Favorite instrumentals: Between Worlds and Drifter


Sailor Moon Meme: [7/7] Attacks
Sailor Mars - “Fire Soul”

04 /   Britney Spears   random favorite:   Cute Outifts

Allure‘s 2007 September cover shoot, shot by Michael Thompson


Jared trying to sing and dance to foreign music in the background