New haircut. ✌️😊

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☮ When was the last time you went to a concert? Which one was it?

✈ Is there any kind of music that you can’t stand?

☠ Do you play a musical instrument? What instrument?

☯ How many CDs do you own? From which artist do you have the most CDs?

✌ Name 3 bands you would most…

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Evanescence Ruined My Life Meme
(2/5) Favourite photoshoots.

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Reblog if you love JARED LETO, there is a lot of hate that is going around this amazing guy that i have no idea from where it came from


i just want to be sure that there is some people out there that still love him!


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#mcm for today is my inspiration and hero, Jared Leto. #jaredleto #echelon #30secondstomars #idol #hero #inspiration

The goddess of imaginary light.

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My daily fortune I got when I went to the New World Buffet. #fortune #fortunecookie #chinesefortune

To those celebrating: Happy Easter from Bugs Bunny and I. 🐰#happyeaster #420 #bugsbunny #childhood #stuffedanimal